MESOP NEWS : IRAN SIGNS A DOCUMENT FOR VALDIMIR PUTIN – Iran signs document to guarantee agreements in Syria

17 March 2017 – MESOP  – Russia’s special envoy on Syria and Head of Russian delegation in Syrian negotiation in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, Alexander Lavrentiev said on Wednesday that Iran officially signed document to be as guarantor for agreement on Syria.

According to IRNA the Russian official said that one of the outcomes of the consultations were Iran’s decision to sign officially the document. He added that now Iran is officially with Russia and Turkey as guarantor for execution of obligations in Syria. Current comprehensive ceasefire since December 31, 2016 was established by planning of Iran, Russia and Turkey, which was confirmed by the UN Security Council as well.

Astana meeting started since Tuesday and was renewed for one day so that the opposition delegation, who restrained to attend meeting, join the negotiation.Consolidating the ceasefire in Syria, which was established since past December, is one of the axes in the agenda. The third round of Astana Talks held February 17 by participation of Iranian delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari and delegations from Russia, Turkey, the UN, Kazakhstan, as host, Jordan and the US , as observer.

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