KCDK-E call for action between 19 – 23 September / KCDK-E called upon everyone to rise up and participate in the “Stand up for your municipalities, No to Appointed Trustees” every night at 19:00 between September 19 and 23.

Monday, September 19, 2016 – NEWS DESK – ANF – Democratic Kurdistanis Society Congress (KCDK-E) stated that the AKP and state institutions declared an all-out war against Kurdish people, representatives and freedom movement after June 7 elections in order to “destroy and transform the demographics of Kurdish cities through its inhumane massacres.” KCDK-E recalled that the occupation of Jarablus and attacks on Rojava have been taking place in front of the international community, and the attack the Kurdish freedom movement continues in the form of seizing municipalities across North Kurdistan.

In its statement, KCDK-E described the arrest of elected officials and seizure of municipalities as the new phase of the war on peoples’ self-administration declarations, land, will, and leadership. The Congress objected to the AKP’s spying on thousands of people, dismissal of thousands of teachers, arrest of journalists and intellectuals, and seizure of municipalities and announced that it does not recognize the state since the state does not recognize Kurdish people and their will.

KCDK-E highlighted the war against Kurdish people and their leadership has many dimensions and concentrated on Kurdistan at the current critical stage of the international conspiracy against the Kurdish freedom movement. The Congress called upon Kurdish people and their revolutionary and democrat allies to stand up for Kurdish people’s land, will and leadership and use their democratic right to join the “Stand up for your municipalities, no to Appointed Trustees” protests that will take place at 19:00 every evening between September 19 and 23.