MESOP NEWS : GIRLS FISHING BY PKK – PKK Releases Recruited Girls from Kirkuk Under Pressure

Basnews English –  16/07/2017 – 15:05 –  KIRKUK — After Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) recruited two Kurdish girls, their families have taken them back from the party’s bases in Qandil to Kirkuk. According to the information obtained by BasNews, Lara Othman and Hevin Tofiq were recruited by PKK and moved to Qandil earlier on 12th July to join the party’s military activities.

A security source confirmed the report to BasNews and revealed that the girls’ families put pressure on the Freedom Movement of Kurdistan Society, a PKK offshoot in Kirkuk, to release the girls on the same day. BasNews has learned that a sibling of Othman was a member of the PKK and left the party before his sister was recruited.