Bad news for PYD, al-Bab about to fall / By İlnur Çevik

23 Dec 2016 SABAH  – After a long campaign Turkey and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are about to conquer the strategic Syrian city of al-Bab, which was in Daesh hands.This means very bad news for the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), the extension of the PKK terrorist organization in Syria.

Why is this bad news for the PYD?

With al-Bab in the hands of Turkey and the FSA the supply routes for the PYD to send arms and ammunition to the Kurdish terrorists in Afrin just east of Turkey’s Hatay province is completely cutoff from Mambij and the east of the Euphrates.

This means the dream of the Syrian Kurdish militants to create a Kurdish corridor just south of the Turkish border is now out of the question. They will no longer be able to dominate the game in northern Syria.The myth that the PYD is the only force to deal with Daesh effectively has also gone up in smoke. On the contrary, it has been proven that the PYD cannot deal with the PYD effectively and that is why the Americans would not dare try to launch an operation to liberate Raqqa with the help of the PYD and of course the PKK.

Turkey is completing the very hard task of driving Daesh out of al-Bab using its home-made sophisticated weapons extremely effectively. Military experts are saying Turkish soldiers have used their weapons well and have kept their losses at a minimum despite adverse conditions and heavy resistance by the enemy. On Thursday Turkey lost 16 soldiers in the operation but more than a thousand enemy militants were killed in the process.The Turkish Air Force and the artillery units have used their modern weapons with great precision according to international experts thus leaving everyone in envy.

The success of al-Bab means now Turkey will concentrate on driving the PYD out of Mambij and force the Kurds east of the Euphrates. Then of course Turkey will be able to concentrate on the Kurdish terrorist presence in Afrin and the area between the Euphrates and the Iraqi border where the PYD and PKK have created terrorist bases.Al-Bab is also bad news for the Americans. The Pentagon and some elements in the CIA were misleading American public opinion that despite the fact that the PYD has PKK affiliations they still needed PYD support to fight against Daesh. Now it is clear that while the PYD is no match for Daesh when it comes to hard battles the PYD only aims to use American arms at its disposal to grab Arab and Turkmen land in northern Syria, perform ethnic cleansing and expand Kurdish territory. The Americans have needlessly attached themselves so much to the PYD and PKK that now it will be extremely hard to disengage. Of course their obstinate support for the PYD and PKK has also cost them the trust of Turkey. Turks now regard the Americans as a questionable ally that deals with terrorists and especially those who want to divide up Turkey.