MESOP NEWS FLASH: PKK’S MURDER AREAS – A Shepherd Shot Dead in PKK-held Area in Sinjar

20 June 2017 – Basnews English – SINJAR — A shepherd who was grazing his cattle on Mount Sinjar was found dead in an area held by Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on Monday, said an official from Sinjar on Tuesday.

Waisi Naif, Chair of Sinjar Mayoral Council, told BasNews that the body of a civilian who had been shot in a PKK-held area was found on June 19 on Mount Sinjar. The civilian who was a shepherd had been shot by unknown gunmen.

The murdered individual was from Qairani tribe who had returned to Sinjar from Syria a few months before, Naif said, adding that murder cases by unknown assailants occur periodically in Mount Sinjar. Several other cases of murder have taken place in Sinjar, particularly in the areas controlled by the PKK forces.