PKK Seeking to Assist Hashd Al-Shaabi to Cross Syrian Border: Official

Basnews English 2 July 2017 – SINJAR — Dozens of groups within the Shi’ite militia of Hashd al-Shaabi have been deployed in Sinjar and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is providing them with assistance to cross the Syrian border into Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan).

Waheed Bakozi, the head of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) headquarter in Sinjar, said on Sunday “PKK is assisting Hashd al-Shaabi forces to approach the borders of Rojava Peshmerga, aiming at inciting a war between the militia forces and Rojava Peshmerga stationed in Sinjar.” Hashd al-Shaabi is stepping up the deployment of forces in the areas held by PKK in Sinjar and have set up joint bases in the region, Bakozi told BasNews, noting that there is strong coordination between PKK and the militia.

“PKK is seeking to open a route across the Syrian border for Hashd al-Shaabi to cross into Syria,” he said. The Shi’ite militia has taken down all the Kurdish flags in the areas they have invaded and raised its flags there, said Bakozi, adding that PKK and Hashd al-Shaabi are plotting against the Peshmerga forces.