MESOP NEWS “DESCRIPTION” : PKK = A FORCE AGAINST THE PEOPLE – PKK-Affiliated Forces Attack Humanitarian Organisation BCF

Basnews English – 03/08/2017 – 12:51 – ERBIL — A group of PKK-affiliated armed forces attacked on Thursday the Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) office on Mount Sinjar, attempting to bring down the Kurdistan flag.Following the tensions caused by the masked men of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), security forces arrived at the scene to settle down the situation.

The BCF is a humanitarian aid foundation which has been helping nearly two million IDPs and refugees displaced by the Islamic State (IS). The organisation cooperates with international partners to manage dozens of camps and provide the desperate people with food, education, healthcare and other basics.

Sinjar Mayor Mahma Khalil told Kurdistan24 that BCF has even helped the PKK during the past few years in Sinjar and its surrounding areas, as such an attack may serve the interests of none.Chief of Sinjar Directorate of Security Affairs, Ashti Kochar, decried the attack and said that such an action is not tolerated.He explained that this is not the first PKK’s attack, and they must leave the area if they seek the people’s interest.  Sheikh Ismail, a Yezidi religious leader, also condemned the attack and said that Yezidis are commemorating the third anniversary of the Islamic State (IS) genocide against them today, and such an action must be avoided. – He also valued the humanitarian efforts made by the BCF for the Yezidis, and called on the PKK to not act against this organisation.