YPG makes Kurdish youth die in Raqqa and Manbij, ENKS official tells Kurdpress

KURDPRESS  30 March 2017 – A leading member of Syrian Kurdistan National Council (ENKS) blamed Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) for “making Kurdish youth die in Raqqa and Manbij (two Syrian cities.”

Also the chief of the ENKS media office, Imad Barhu, told Kurdpress that the Syrian opposition and government have failed to reach an accord in the past 4 bilateral meetings in Geneva, Swiss and stated that only an end to the war will pave the way to solve the crisis politically.

Answering a question about his council’s situation in Syrian Kurdistan, he stated that the ENKS is experiencing tough days as “the PYD (Democratic Union Party) and is armed wing YPG have imposed themselves on the people in the region and have shut down ENKS offices, have banned Kurdistan flag in Syrian Kurdistan and arrests and expels political activists and they use arms to continue their pressure. The official further blamed the PYD for not abiding to Erbil I and II as well as Dohuk I deals with the ENKS and stated the agreements called for the formation of a joint force and raising a flag which the two sides agree on but “unfortunately the PYD did not abide to the deals.”

There is not even a Rojava Peshmerga in Syria Kurdistan (known as Rojava), but we want the forces to be in Rojava, he told Kurdpress reporter Afshin Gholami, warning about fratricide if the PYD continues to prevent Rojava Peshmerga from returning to Syria Kurdistan. Imad Barhu denied claims by the PYD that Ankara backs the ENKS but reiterated on ties with Turkey as “Turkey has a long border with us and it is better not to be their enemy; there is a large Kurdish population in Turkey and our good ties with Turkey will benefit Kurds in the country.”

The official expressed his opposition to any Kurdish participation in the upcoming operation to liberate Raqqa from the IS control and fighting in Manbij, another city in northern Syria that is under the control of the terrorists.The cities will be finally under the control of the central government, he said, adding that there are Kurds in Raqqa but it is not considered as a part of Syria Kurdistan.

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