MESOP NEWS CALL “SHIA MILITIA OUT OF / SINJAR – Local Officials Oppose Hashd’s Intentions to Enter Sinjar

Basnews English –  27/05/2017 – 19:31 Kurdistan – ERBIL— Shi’ite paramilitaries of Hashd al-Shaabi have claimed they will enter central Sinjar and an official from the town warns the IDPs who returned to their town may once again get displaced if Hashd fulfills its claim.

Speaking to BasNews on Saturday, Khayri Ziban, a member of Sinjar Administrative Council, said they resent the claim made by the Shi’ite forces. Jawad Alibawi, the spokesperson for the Asaeb Ahl al-Haqq militia (a rank in Hashd coalition), stated Hashd will step into the Kurdish Yezidi town of Sinjar, which is already secured by Kurdish Peshmerga troops. “We don’t surrender to any Iraqi or foreign force as Peshmerga alone stays in Sinjar,” Ziban said.  He added no Iraqi force can decide on the future of the people of Sinjar because they themselves will resolve this.

“Sinjar has already been liberated and some families have returned to their homes [in the town] but whenever Hashd al-Shaabi enters Sinjar, these families will be displaced once again,” Sinjar official warned.Commenting on the subject, Mahma Khalil, Sinjar’s mayor, thought Hashd in Sinjar and its surrounding areas is struggling to execute Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki’s plans.”We respect Hashd forces,” Khalil said, “At the same time, we don’t accept any incursions.” He added Hashd forces have often issued threatening statements, “which we have never and will never consider.”