MESOP NEWS “BLOODY MULLAH’S: 2017’s First Iranian Kurdish Inmate Executed

4 Jan 2017 – A Kurdish engineer, arrested by the Iranian intelligence, has also gone missing for one month now – A Kurdish prisoner, convicted of homicide, was hanged on Tuesday in Iran, marking the first execution of Kurdish inmates in the country in 2017.

Iran Human Rights Organization reported that Mahmud Faramarzi from Qorowa town of Kurdistan province was hanged in Chubin Dar Jail in central Qazwin.
The 36-year-old inmate was arrested in 2009 for committing murder in Qazwin and a year later was convicted and sentenced to the capital punishment. The news of his execution was not covered by any Iranian media.
Rights protecting organizations frequently criticize the Iranian regime for impeaching human rights, critiques which usually generate no constructive response from the Iranian officials.
Iran is not only defamed for carrying executions on large scales by virtue of its laws, the country is also notorious for illegal detentions.An Iranian Kurdish human rights organization, Hangaw, reported on Wednesday that another citizen from Qorowa was arrested by the Iranian intelligence service. Saber Naderi was arrested on December 4th, 2016 and since that day his family has no news about his whereabouts or health as the intelligence agents told them they would not let them know anything about their son until 40 days pass since his arrest day.Naderi is an IT engineer and chief for the Pooya Software and Electronics Company. Two of his brothers are political activists who left Iran due to pressures from the Iranian government.
According to the report, the security forces also confiscated the official documents of the Kurdish IT engineer including his credit card, leaving his family under an underprivileged condition to take loans from others.