MESOP NEWS : Barzani called for negotiations over Kurdistan Region’s internal issues

BasNews – 22/11/2016 – 16:31 – SINJAR — A Kurdish Yezidi official in Sinjar called on the Kurdistan Region political parties to respond to Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani’s initiative for negotiations over the region’s internal issues in order to preserve the interests of Kurds and other entities including Yezidis, Christians, Shabaks, Turkmens and Kakayis.

Shamo Qasim, the head of the Committee of Culture from Lalish Cultural and Social Centre, told BasNews that the Kurdish Yezidis feel secure when coexistence, peace and tolerance prevail, noting that Barzani has been an advocate for the followers of all religions in Kurdistan Region.

Qasim demanded all Kurdish political circles to respond to Barzani’s call for negotiations, aimed at finding solutions to the political and financial crises facing the Kurdistan Region.

Shamo argued that those who refuse to respond to Barzani’s initiative will not have a position in the future of Kurdistan, adding that all parties need to meet and take part in the negotiations since they are all responsible for the future of the region. “To solve the current crisis, the political parties have to restart the negotiations to re-activate the parliament and elect a new presidency,” Barzani said in his statement late on Sunday.In his statement, President Barzani also asked the political parties to agree on the formation of a new cabinet and decide on a candidate for the Kurdistan Region Presidency until the Presidential Election will be held.