MESOP MUST READ : John Russel: „Young Arabs Support Separation of Islam and Government“ (Click for bottom link for english version)

Der Westen lässt die säkularen Stimmen in der islamischen Welt im Stich

„Some young Arabs want Islam, the religion of Muslims, to be separated from politics and governments in Middle Eastern countries. Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar is a writer and humanist. He is a former refugee from Iraq. He created the Global Secular Humanist Movement in 2009 to support human interests and the worth of individuals without relying on religion. He recently spoke to VOA about the importance of supporting those who want religion to be separated from government. ‚There is a growing number of Arab millennials between 20 and 30 who are advocating for human rights and secular liberal values,‘ Faisal said. ‚I think that the United States and the West should stand in solidarity with these people.‘“ Read all   (John Russel: „Young Arabs Support Separation of Islam and Government“)