Jonathan SpyerI love the BBC. From their latest report on the Munich murders: ‘His name has not been officially released but he is being named locally as David Sonboly.’ Is this a new thing where everyone from now on will be known by their middle names? Great. So it’ll be ‘Jefferson Clinton,’ ‘Vissarionovich Stalin,’ ‘Hussein Obama.’

Brian John Thomas This is very real: BBC have stripped “Ali” of his first name for sounding too Muslim so they’re calling him Dave. Breitbart has more detail.…/bbc-scrubs-muslim-name-ali…/


BBC Scrubs ‘Ali’ From Munich Killer’s Name On TV, In Articles, AND On Social…|Von Raheem Kassam

Petra Marquardt-Bigman Consider these 2 tweets by NYT correspondent Rukmini Callimachi, who was sent to Munich: “1. Good morning from #Munich everyone. It’s a sunny day. Taxis are back to work and roads are mostly open. Shooter’s been ID’ed as “David S” … 4. Just got done interviewing neighbors at shooter’s building on Dachauer Strasse in central Munich. Neighbors said he went by “Ali Sonboly””

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