MESOP MOSUL UPDATE : Mosul Offensive Enters 2nd Week With More Claims of Advances

October 25 – eaworldview – Iraqi and Kurdish forces claimed more advances against the Islamic State, as their offensive to recapture Iraq’s second city Mosul entered its second week. Shelling ISIS positions, Iraqi special forces tried to push forward from Bartella, a historically Christian town to the east of Mosul that they recaptured last week. They moved into the village of Tob Zawa, about 9 km (5.5 miles) from Mosul, claiming that they freed 30
more than 30 people sheltering in a school.

To the north of Mosul, Kurdish peshmerga are still surrounding Bashiqa, a key town for the movement of ISIS personnel and supplies. Kurdish officials initially said on Monday that they had retaken the town, near a base for training of Sunni Arab militia and peshmerga by Turkish troops. However, they later pulled back the claim, saying that “a few” ISIS suicide bombers may still be inside Bashiqa. On the southern front, the Iraqi Federal Police advanced into a small village in the Shura district.