MESOP MIDEAST WATCH:Podcast-Matti Friedman on Red China’s New Haifa Port

The Israeli journalist joins us to talk about how a Chinese propaganda mission led by a man known as “Chinese Itzik” has dazzled Israeli citizens 16-1-2022 MOSAIC

Chinese Itzik  – On our podcast this week,

I sat down with one my favorite English-language story tellers about life in Israel: the journalist Matti Friedman. He introduces us to “Chinese Itzik,” the unofficial representative of Chinese media who is flooding Hebrew-language YouTube with charming, humorous videos that serve to get Israelis used to the idea of a rising China. And for good reason: this past week, Israel’s new port in Haifa just went online, and the company that won the bid to operate the port for the next twenty-five years is based out of Shanghai. Is it a problem that one of the largest ports in the country is run by a Chinese company? We discuss that and much more.

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