MESOP MIDEAST WATCH: Settlers With Firebombs Descend on a Palestinian Village at Night, Torching Cars

Following the terror attack in Hadera, Mohammed Abad, a resident of the West Bank village of Jalud, refused to go to sleep, fearing settlers’ revenge. He went up to his roof when he heard noises, to find his yard in flames

The burned-out hulk of a car torched this week in Jalud. “We pray five times a day, but I pray a million times a day only for the settlers not to come,” says Mohammed Abad.Credit: Alex Levac

Gideon Levy Alex Levac Apr. 1, 2022 HAARETZ ISRAEL

A smell of fire and smoke still hung in the air when we arrived on Monday this week at the residential compound of the Abad family in the West Bank village of Jalud. During the night, their parking area had become a graveyard for skeletons of cars. On the hill opposite, around 300 meters away, two hydraulic excavators were at work in the settler outpost of Ahiya, thrusting their shovels