Abdulla Hawez@abdullahawez 9.2.2022

PKK-Turkish conflict: From 2015 to 1/1/2020: there were more fatalities in Diyarbakir alone than in Iraqi Kurdistan. 2020 to Feb 2022: there’ve been 25 times more fatalities in Iraqi Kurdistan than in Diyarbakir. Facilities are a way to measure the scale of the conflict.

The data is clear: there has been a clear, gradual decline in the conflict from inside Turkey to Iraqi Kurdistan from 2015 to 2022. The conflict has declined inside Turkey so sharply that even in the core PKK areas such as Hakkari and Sirnak there are low double-digit fatalities.

This should force the PKK circles to rethink the future of this conflict in the long run as this is also politically costing the Kurdish movement in Turkey and has been used by the Turkish state to weak democracy and clamp down on freedoms. Re-thinking doesn’t equal defeat.


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