MESOP MIDEAST WATCH: Living in Gaza, an Open-Air Prison: Daily Brief

·  Fifteen years of Israel’s security closure of Gaza;


Yasmine Ahmed@YasmineAhmed001


Israel, w Egypt’s help, has turned Gaza into an open-air prison—for 15 yrs barring 2 million Palestinians from moving freely in their homeland/abroad. New @hrw report finds closure unlawful, part of Israel’s crimes against humanity of apartheid/persecution


14 June 2022 03:06
This month marks the 15th anniversary of the Israeli government’s closure of the Gaza Strip, which effectively confines more than 2 million people into a 40-by-11-kilometer strip of land. In a new report, Human Rights Watch describes how it affects every aspect of people’s lives, from freedom of movement to the ability to pursue educational or professional opportunities, seek medical care, or visit family elsewhere. In addition to devastating Gaza’s economy and helping to fragment the Palestinian people, the closure is part of Israeli authorities’ crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution  against millions of Palestinians. Israel must lift the generalized closure and permit free movement to and from Gaza.


Omar Shakir@OmarSShakir


As Gaza closure turns 15, @abier_i & I reflect on our research & accounts we’ve heard, like those who saw no future in Gaza & travelled irregularly—by boat via Egypt/Turkey—to Europe seeking a better life. One man said, “What forced us to take this risk is the prison we live in”