MESOP MIDEAST WATCH: Israel’s Military Censor Doesn’t Want You to Know About ex-Mossad Chief’s Dubious Congo Missions

Former senior Mossad officials described Yossi Cohen’s conduct as ‘madness’ after three trips to Congo on Israel’s behalf for problematic purposes that are barred from publication. The visits weren’t coordinated with Congo’s government and ended with him being deported

Gur Megiddo HAARETZ – May. 17, 2022

The military censor has barred publication of information about former Mossad Director Yossi Cohen’s visits to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2019.

New information obtained from defense officials by TheMarker shows that the purpose of these trips, which Cohen made on Israel’s behalf, was controversial, problematic and some would even say dubious. This information intensifies the questions around his conduct in this affair, which led to his activities being exposed.