MESOP MIDEAST NEWS: A Two-State Israeli-Palestinian Solution Back on the Table

TL/DR: The plan will give Palestinians an independent state while Israel will exist as a democracy with Jewish majority NEWSWEEK  8.2.2022

Public figures in Israel and Palestine have drawn up a new proposal for a two-state confederation, putting an end to decade-long discussions around peace and democracy and in line with the international community which sees this as the only solution to resolve core issues. The two-state solution will give Palestinine an independent state in most of the West Bank, Gaza, and east Jerusalem, regions seized by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war, while Israel will exist as a democracy with a strong Jewish majority. Both Israel and Palestine will have separate governments and come together on high-level matters that affect people of both sides.

According to the new plan, nearly 500,000 Jewish settlers in the West Bank will remain there. In the state of Palestine, the option of relocating or becoming permanent residents will be given to settlers living deep inside the West Bank. The same number of Palestinians will be allowed to relocate to Israel with permanent residency, but as citizens of Palestine. Given the proposal regarding settlers— who often tend to oppose territorial partition—is quite controversial, there are many sticking points that remain. Although it seems to give both sides what they want, none of this looks like it’s going to be easy.

What happens now?