Hezbollah/Israel: From The Golan to Naqoura, a front that has existed since over a year

Main points: 1. Iran IRGC Quds Brigade General Mohamad Ali Dada arrived to Syria last year to carry his responsibilities that cover the leadership/coordinator of Hezbollah both in Lebanon and Syria.

  1. The Iranian General is an expert in Guerrilla attacks and counter attacks. He has visited Quneitra many times before. He was carrying a Syrian mobil number, believed to be one of Israel tracking device to some of his movements around Syria. Israel was aware of his presence and believed to be the target not anyone else in particular in the targeted convoy. He has left Damascus a few hours before the attack, heading toward Quneitra, giving Israel enough time to decide and approve the operation. He was the target. The Israeli denial is just a way to burry the head in the sand.

  1. Mohamad Ahmad Issa, Hezbollah cmdr, is responsible of the Special forces in Syria. He used to be in charge of the Iqlim al-Tuffah province in Lebanon before the Syrian war. He has a wide expertise in high ground attacks since he has participated to many attacks against Israeli positions in south Lebanon between 1995 and 2000. His presence was limited to a request by IRGC commander, as an experienced advisor.
  2. Jihad Mughniyyah has been dispatched to Syria since over a year, as part of the “logistic and protection unit”, moving personalities or needs of troops for Hezbollah in Syria. He held no senior position within the organisation but enjoyed a moral reputation due to his late father and very senior uncle.
  3. The Iranian General was doing a military study to increase Hezbollah position in the area, at 6km from the Israeli military location and to establish more static points. The front form the Golan heights to Naqoura was formed since long date (see article @AlraiMediaGroup May 2013). It was about to increase (see Source close to Bashar Assad: ‘Hezbollah soon in the Golan Heights …(December 2013) #Hezbollah#Syria #Israel )
  4. Neither Hezbollah nor Iran can reply to the Israeli attack directly. They just have to accept the lost. The Israeli thoughtful attack was “lost free”. The front from the Golan Heights to Naqoura has been established long ago. Hezbollah is trying to push Israel out of its comfort zone to start patrolling the Golan and Quneitra. Hezbollah-Syria ( The “Hezbollah Syria: …May 2014) is already formed and ready to mirror Hezbollah-Lebanon, ready to face Israel special forces in Syria.
  5. The Israeli attack is a significant tactical but not a strategical hit. It won’t stop Iran from sending another General, neither from continuing supplying weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria. Hezbollah’s lost will be added to hundreds more who fell in Syria since its heavy intervention in March 2013. 

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