Officials of three cantons in Rojava meet for the first time

Sunday, 07 September 2014 09:30 hawarnews – Amed- the officials of Democratic Autonomous in the three cantons of Rojava, which were announced in last December, met for the first time in Amed city.The officials of the three cantons met in Amed at the invitation to participate in the Seven Conference of Democratic Society, which was held yesterday in Amed city north of Kurdistan.It is noteworthy that this is the first time for the government of the three cantons to meet since their announcement.

The meeting addressed the ways of communications between these cantons in Rojava to resolve and address all of the problems in these cantons in light of the bad situations and attacks on Rojava by the radical Islamist groups. Also the meeting addressed the need to escalate the struggle against these attacks and the work on co-existence between all of the components in Rojava.