MESOP : MALIKI’S FORMER BEST FRIEND & FOLLOWER – I will fight any attempts to divide Iraq: president

Kurdpress – 1.9.2014 – Iraqi President Fuad Massoum said he will stay against any attempts to divide the state that is at war with the militants of the Islamic State (IS) and is awaiting the formation of new government.

Speaking with al-Zaman daily, Massoum said he will try to be a president of all groups and lines and do everything to stabilize Iraq, adding that he is in talks with European countries and the UN to win more logistic and humanitarian aid for Iraq. He went on to say that IS attack on Iraq has removed rifts between Erbil and Baghdad that are launching joint military operation against the terrorists. The Iraqi president further hailed Prime Minister-designate Haidar al-Abadi in paying attention to the requests and demands of all lines and sects in Iraq, reiterating that all lines should lower their demands and help forming a power-sharing government attended by all parts. I will try to boost Iraq ties with all regional and world powers and will make visits to Iraq neighbors soon, he continued.