MESOP LATEST : Shiite militias reportedly threaten Kurds in Baghdad

24.06.2014 – Shwan Barzinji – BasNews, Erbil – Shiia Islamist group Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq has reportedly threatened Kurds in Baghdad, presureing some to leave the city. One Kurd from Baghdad explained that the Kurdish community has been warning the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) about these threats.

Former Kurdish MP Ali Hussein Mohammed told BasNews that Kurds in Baghdad have been facing threats for a long time and that the KRG has been informed of it. They have requested that the KRG relocate them to the Kurdish region and provide them with accommodation. “We asked the KRG to provide land for the families who return from Baghdad, but now it appears that bringing them back might be difficult, but they are under threat, especially by Ahl al-Haq,” said Mohammed. According to unofficial statistics, the number of Kurds living in Baghdad has reached 250,000 and a large number of them feel threatened by Shiia militias in the city.  

The Head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) list in Baghdad Sa’dun Feyli pointed out: “If the situation continues like that, Kurds will suffer and it is necessary for the KRG and the presidency of the Kurdistan Region to find a solution for Kurds in Baghdad and other areas.”