MESOP LATEST : Kurds achieved nothing in new government: analyst tells Kurdpress

10-9-2014 Kurdpress – A political analyst in Kurdistan Region of Iraq believes the Kurds in the states achieved nothing in the new government that was formed two days ago.

Stressing that the new government has been formed under the pressure of foreign powers and there have been efforts not to allow the government to be monopolized by a person, Massoud Abdulkhalegh told Kurdpress what Kurds achieved in the new government in almost nothing for their status in Iraq. The analyst went on to say that Baghdad is weak at the time and it has lost control over a large swathe of the country that is overrun by the militants of the Islamic State (IS), adding that Kurds did not insist on their demands as much as should. He added the Kurdish delegation showed up in the last moments of forming new Iraqi government with former demands and failed to end its tensions with Baghdad. He, however, linked the issue to pressures from the UN that reiterated on forming a government in Iraq that has been entangled in a war by the militants.