MESOP LATEST : Kurdish MP – Kurds won’t withdraw from demands in new Iraqi government

23-8-2014 – Kurdpress – Baghdad: A member of ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party said Iraqi Kurds will not forget their demands from the new Iraqi government as all their rights are legal. Stressing that they do not need any negotiation, Mrs. Ashwag Jaf told Wakh News Agency that all political lines agreed in 2003, when former Baath Party toppled, on putting into action Article 140 “ as well as other issues.”

She reiterated that the Kurds demand putting the article into action as well as solving other disputes between Erbil and Baghdad including oil and gas laws, repeating that Kurds will not deal on the demands. She went on to say that there are talks to form the next government in Iraq and there are hopes that the negotiations will end into resolving some disputes between the two sides.