MESOP LATEST : ISIS Militants attack Hadetha fortifications by mortar shells

10 August 2014 14:19 – Shafaq News /  A security source in Anbar said on Sunday, that the elements of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “ISIS” organization began attacking Berwana sub-district and nearby villages by mortar, pointing out that the bombing is very intense.

The source told “Shafaq News” that “the elements of ISIS and after failing last week to control Berwana sub-district, which is one of Hadetha fortifications and lies a few kilometers began shelling the villages by mortar shells.” The source explained that “armed men of al-Jegheva clan exist in Berwana sub-district to protect it from any attempt by ISIS elements to storm the sub-district,” pointing out that “the bombing is still continuing and intensive.” ISIS elements are planning to control Hadetha district, which is the first strategic region for it in Anbar province for including the largest military base.