MESOP LATEST : Foreign Ministries of Arab countries meet to discuss IS

MESOP 25-8-2014 – The Foreign Ministers of four Arab countries and the Jordanian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia met in Jeddah Sunday to address the threat of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, reported the pro-government Jordanian newspaper al-Rai Monday.

In the meeting the ministers from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and UAE agreed to “combat terrorism in Syria and the growth of extremist ideology that threatens the region.”Meanwhile, pro-regime Syrian newspaper al-Watan questioned the sincerity of Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s efforts to curb the spread of IS in the region.“Observers seriously doubt Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s fight against terrorism,” al-Watan said, “because the two still support [terrorists] with money and weapons.”Qatar and Saudi Arabia are known to have funded hardline Islamic militant groups against Assad in Syria and are both strongly pro-opposition. “The upcoming days will tell if the meeting was held more for words or for action,” the paper noted.