MESOP LATEST : Dozens of ISIL militants killed in clashes with Kurds in northern Syria

ARA News- 25-7-2014 – Tel Abyad, Syria – Amid clashes between al-Akrad Front Brigade, the Popular Protection Units (YPG) and other Syrian opposition factions on one hand, and al-Qaeda splinter group of the Islamic State (previously as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ‘ISIL’) on the other, the latter lost 64 of its militants.The clashes took place during the last three days in Akhtrin town in Kobane’s western environs, north of Syria.YPG Media Center confirmed that the YPG forces regained control in the village of Chel Oghli (25 km west of Kobane).

Speaking to ARA News, spokesperson of al-Akrad Front, Ahmed Hisso, said: “On Tuesday, in collaboration with other opposition factions, we (al-Akrad Front) prepared an ambush for ISIL members.”“The operation was carried out on the road linking al-Bab city (Aleppo province, north of Syria) and Akhtrin town, causing the death of 20 ISIL militants,” Hisso said.Hisso also mentioned the death of two other ISIL militants and the injury of some others in other clashes point near Akhtrin. “clashes are occasional in this area”, according to Hisso.

In a relevant context, the YPG Media Center in Kobane mentioned in a statement, issued on Wednesday, “We started honouring campaign to take revenge for Kobane’s martyrs who were killed in the western and southern fronts of the city during clashes with ISIL group.”

“42 members of ISIL were killed then, and a Dshk machine gun and three ISIL strongholds were destroyed,” the statement said.The YPG Media Center added in its official statement: “Our units destroyed an ISIL stronghold in Kobane outskirts as well as another one between Ga’da and Khros villages, and killed five ISIL members and injured dozens others.”

In al-Shiyokh village near Kobane, two other headquarters of the Islamic State (ISIL) were reportedly destroyed by fighters of the YPG and al-Akrad Front on Thursday.“Our forces confiscated large number of weapons, including munitions and Kalashnikov rifles,” the YPG statement read.On the other hand, two YPG fighters were killed during the recent clashes, according to the YPG Media Center. “The clashes are still taking place in Kobane environs.” Reporting by: Redwan Bizar