MESOP LATEST : Borders Secured By YPG

ANF Rojava Report – 15.6.2014 – Following the occupation of Mosul by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) and fighting on the border of Rojava and the KRG, the YPG have moved to support peşmerge units on the border of South Kurdistan, says an article from ANF appearing in Özgür Gündem. YPG forces now control a border from Til Koçer to 10 km south of Cezaa.

ISIS forces, who captured Mosul on June 10th, attacked peşmerge units 15 km south of the town of Cezaa on the border. Following the outbreak of clashes YPG forces moved in to support the peşemerge.  These first clashes took place in and around the village of Selemiye, close to the Şengal region of Mosul where many Yezidis live. Ferhat Hewler, a YPG regional commander, reported that ISIS gangs had occupied areas around the village of Selemiye and in the region of Til Hemis, from where they attacked peşmerge forces located in the town of Suniye and the village of Xana Sor. Currently ISIS controls Til Hemis in Rojava and the village of Selemiye in South Kurdistan. They also control a corridor extending from this border all the way to Mosul, with the town of Suniye and the village of Xana Sor around Şengal mountain marking its north-western limits. This area is also home to many Yezidi villages – a religious minority frequently targeted by ISIS.

YPG Forces Killed An ISIS Commander

Ferhat Hewler claimed that the YPG now control a region along the border from Til Koçer to 10 km south of the town of Cezaa. He explained how ISIS forces had opened up a larger corridor for themselves between Selimiye in South Kurdistan and the villages of Filistin Şerkî in Rojava, and that it was this corridor that ISIS had used to advance on Mosul and attack peşmerge forces.

According to Hewler, the first clashes occurred when ISIS forces assaulted a peşmerge border post near an area they control. Hewler explained that YPG forces later moved into the area to support the peşmerge. The clashes lasted up to seven hours and in the course of the fighting the YPG killed one ISIS commander and a larger number of ISIS fights. Fighting is reported to be continuing in many areas, and the YPG will continue to support peşmerge forces in South Kurdistan along the border, said Hewler.

YPG forces are in constant contact with peşemerge forces, according to Hewler, and were acting in a coordinated fashion in their operations along the border. Peşmerge commanders are also aware of YPG forces movements along the border. YPG fighters occupied the border post in Rabia across from Til Koçer for 15 hours following the withdrawal of the Iraqi army in order to prevent ISIS from crossing the border and to protect local residents. The YPG later handed over the Rabia side of the crossing to peşmerge forces following their arrival. The border crossing in Til Koçer and the town of Cezza are under the protection of YPG.

The ministry responsible for peşmerge forces in South Kurdistan have prefered to deny receiving support from the YPG.

An ISIS Corridor From Rojava To Mosul

Separately ISSI forces continue to administer a corridor of territory from Rojava to Mosul, which they have used for transporting both fighters and weapons. According to local sources many heavy weapons have been transported through this corridor to the region around Til Hemis, Hol and Şedad.