MESOP LATEST : Barzani to Investigate Military Commanders

05.08.2014 – Hemin Salih – BasNews, Erbil – The President of the Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, has decided to investigate some Peshmerga commanders that left their positions in Sinjar town and failed to defend the area from the attack of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISISI).  Kurdish Peshmerga forces later retook control of large part of the town.

 According to information obtained by a BasNews correspondent, President Barzani – also General Commander of Peshmerga forces in the Kurdistan Region – has decided to investigate and punish those that left Sinjar and Zumar towns and did not defend the area.

On Monday Barzani emphasized his intention to investigate those Peshmerga commanders during his meeting with the leaders of Yazidi communities.

The source also told BasNews that ISIS militants first came with little forces but once they realised that Peshmerga had left their positions and some had fled to Syria, they came with bigger forces. The commanders left the area quickly, and Barzani is concerned about it. Yazidi Militant Commander Qassim Shashou, who formed a militia in Sinjar town to fight against the ISIS insurgents, told BasNews that when the Peshmerga force withdrew, there were no clashes and the ISIS group was not apparent in the town.“Peshmerga have been ignorant in their duties and left their positions when they shouldn’t have withdrawn,” said Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Leadership Council Member Ali Awni to BasNews. Awni also stated that punishment will follow after they’ve been investigated in court and the committee that has been formed to investigate about the case, should they be found guilty of the charges against them.