By Dr Sherko Abdulla: Translated by Kamal Chomani

Economist: In 53 years the earth will have no more oil.

A Kurd: OMG, that means for the next 53 years Ashti Hawrami will remain as Minister. 

This: Maliki is so evil.

That: No, he is not.. . If he was evil, we would have already agreed with him. 

Wall Street: In the future, everyone will possess a robot.

Ahol: What about if a man by himself is a robot to his political party? 

New York Times: Bashar Assad has made civilians’ life a hell.

Daily Citizen: What’s this Bashar, is he KRG? 

The First: Do you know what Nostramos has said about the Independence of Kurdistan?

The second: What has he said?

The First: Wallah Nothing. 

Journalist: Iraq’s Army looks like who?

Teacher Salah: Brazil’s goalkeeper. 

The Observer: Well, why do we need a Minister for Industry?

Director of Telephones: Because we have the biggest manufacturer.

The Observer: Which kind of manufacturer?

Director of Telephones: Manufacturer of Ignorance. 

Source: Kurdistani Niwe

Dr Sherko Abdulla is the most well-known Kurdish satirist. He writes a regular column for Kurdistani Niwe.