Syria, Iraq Kurdish regions can be united: official

28-7-2014 Kurdpress  – A Syrian Kurdish leader official said that Syrian Kurdish regions could be united with Iraqi northern region of Kurdistan and create an independent state.Syria Kurds Patriotic Council Representative in Turkey Behzad Ibrahim said it is possible for the two Kurdish regions to get united and establish a state, adding that there are problems and Syrian pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) may oppose to the issue but the problems could be solved and the party may change its position as the life of Sykes–Picot Agreement is over.

The other issue dealing with the union of the two Kurdish regions and establishing and independent state is Turkey’s stance as Ankara’s policy and stance is very important, adding that “but generally it seems that Turkey would not go against the creation of the Kurdish state.”

 He further stressed on the role of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) jailed Leader Abdullah Ocalan in Turkey Kurdish regions and stated “his role and power is undeniable and its denial is useless.”

He further advised Turkey Kurds to try to cooperate with Turkish people and stay within the state as their split from Turkey will bring nothing to them, adding that Turkey’s solving Kurdish issue will empower the state.