MESOP : Kerry & Lavrov Reach Framework for Syria Ceasefire / WHICH FAVORS PUTIN

After a day of talks in Munich, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced last night that they had reached a tentative agreement for a ceasefire in Syria. Humanitarian access to wartorn areas is being discussed in a working group in Geneva today and the terms of a “cessation of hostilities” will be drawn up and possibly implemented next week. Kerry and Lavrov will co-chair task forces that will monitor and ensure humanitarian access and violations of the ceasefire when it takes effect. “The real test is whether or not all the parties honor those commitments and implement them,” Kerry said.

Under increasing pressure from the Russian-backed regime offensive in Aleppo, Syrian rebels are shifting tactics, according to reports. Rebels are shifting away from trying to hold territory, some have told press, and are focusing on guerilla attacks where possible.