MESOP : KDP official survives assassination attempt in Mosul

SOUTH KURDISTAN (IRAQ)  Shafaq News / 27-7-2014 – The official of 14 branch of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Mosul survived an assassination attempt by a roadside bomb explosion northwest of the city.

The media spokesman for the branch 14, Saeed Mamo Zinni said in an interview with “Shafaq News” that ” official of 14 branch of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, Ismat Rajab has survived an assassination attempt by an explosive device.” He explained, ” his convoy was exposed to a roadside bomb explosion during an inspection of Peshmerga pieces in Wana area (25 km north-west of Mosul).”According to Zinni, “there were no casualties or damage caused by the incident.”The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “ISIS” organization has waved on its intention to break into some of the villages in Wana area in an effort to get closer to Mosul Dam, which is under the control of Peshmerga forces.