“Separate referendums will decided Kurdistan Region & disputed regions”

Kurdpress – 4-7-2014 – Kurdistani Alliance Faction deputy leader said two separate referendums should decide about Kurdistan Region’s independence from Iraq and the annex of disputed regions to the autonomous region.

A referendum should be held in Kurdistan Region to decide the independence of the region from the central government, Muhsen al-Sa’adoon told al-Baghdadiyeh news, adding that the referendum sill not include the disputed regions that both Baghdad and Erbil governments claim authority over. He further added the region’s parliament can not decide about the fate of the region and it is the people who decide about the fate of the autonomous enclave to declare its independence from Iraq.

He went on to say that the situation in Iraq has made the region to take precautionary steps to protect its people. He however said a separate referendum should be held in the disputed regions and ask people if they want to join Kurdistan Region.