MESOP : ISIS MAKES BUSINESS WITH ASSAD – ISIS Insurgents Sell Iraqi Oil to Assad Regime

03.07.2014 – Bestun Kakayi – BasNews, India – French Foreign Minister has claimed that Iraqi Jihadist Group is selling Iraqi oil to Syrian Assad Regime.The militant group formerly known Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS), now simply IS, have taken on a new business venture in their efforts to control Iraq. They have now turned to selling Iraq’s precious lifeblood: oil.

In a press conference held in New Delhi, India on Tuesday, French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius stated that the Syrian Regime’s president Bashar al-Assad is the insurgents’ newest customer.

Fabius pointed out that there is evidence that ISIS militants have started to sell oil to Syrian Regime. “We have proofs that when ISIL has taken over oil it has sold oil to Syria regime,” Fabius told a news conference in New Delhi, without giving more details about the matter. ’This is the first time that a group of terrorist militants control such a rich country like Iraq,’ said Fabius. ’Controlling Iraq’s oil by ISIS insurgents will have a negative impact on the affairs of the region and of all the world.’ Warned French Foreign Minister.