KDPI Responds to PKK Siege: We Won’t Leave Kurdistan Mountains / Tensions rise among Kurdish Iranian Peshmerga and PKK

Basnews | Sharif Falah – 24.05.2015 10:14 – QANDIL – The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is continuing to prevent the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) from establishing a base in the mountains of Iranian Kurdistan. The PKK claims that area is under their control, but Kurdish Iranian leaders are vowing not to leave the area.

In the last few days, a large number of KDPI Peshmerga have returned to old bases in the mountainous regions of Kelieshin on the Iraqi Kurdistan and Iranian Kurdistan borders. The PKK isn’t happy with the KDPI reinforcements, and warned them to leave. The PKK have now surrounded the KDPI Peshmerga forces in the area.Muhammad Salih Qadiri, member of the KDPI politburo, on Sunday told BasNews that the recent deployment of their forces was a warning to the Iranian regime as well as a show of support for the recent protests in Iranian Kurdish cities and towns. Qadiri warned the PKK who currently surround KDPI forces in the area not to cross from Iraq into Iranian Kurdistan. “They told us those regions are under PKK authority, and no one else can stay or move forces to the border areas,” added Qadiri. The senior KDPI official claimed to have used diplomatic channels to ask the PKK for talks to solve the current standoff and prevent further escalation. “We have sent them an official letter, asking them to calm the situation, but they have not responded,” explained Qadiri. Qadiri insisted that the KDPI wouldn’t leave the Kurdistan mountains under any circumstances. “We won’t accept the use of force from any parties or sides.”