MESOP : IRAN PUTS PRESSURE ON KURDS – Iran increases Military presence on Kurdistan borders

16.07.2014 – BasNews, Iran – The Commander of the Iranian Police Ismael Ahmadi has stated that they have put more soldiers at dangerous zones of border crossings with Iraq and Kurdistan region.

 In a meeting with the Iranian Drug Committee, Ahmadi stated that they have deployed a large number of soldiers on the northwestern border with Iraq, and that these soldiers will carefully protect Iran’s border from any threats.He mentioned that the security of the borders is very calm because forces have been deployed to all the border crossings that are heavily supervised by Iranian intelligence.Ahmadi also stated that they have increased the number of soldiers due to the heightened security risk. During the last month, Iran forces have been entering Iraq to help the Iraqi Army in standing against Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) militants. They have suffered 23 casualties since coming to the Iraqi Army’s aid.