MESOP Iran: Kurdish forces to take action and back peaceful protesters

ARA News – 10 May 2015 – Subsequent to the outbreak of protests in the Kurdish city of Mahabad in northwestern Iran, which extended to other Kurdish cities in the last two days, the General Command of the Peshmerga forces in the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK) called on all its fighters to be prepared for any need for action “in order to back Kurdish protesters”.

The PAK issued a statement, of which ARA News received a copy, saying that the General Command of the Peshmerga of the party is preparing its forces for possible developments in Iranian Kurdish cities following the outbreak of Kurdish popular protests in Mahabad. The leading member of the Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK), Abdul Majeed Temir, told ARA News: “If the Iranian security continued suppressing the Kurdish peaceful protesters, the Kurdish forces will certainly respond and take action against Iran.”

“The Kurdish PAK party has sleeper cells in all the Kurdish cities in Iran; it is easy to respond to Iranian security forces,” Temir added. He pointed out that the Kurdish leaders are still trying to avoid militarization of the popular uprising in Iran. “They’ll act according to the course of events.” “I believe that the peaceful revolution would gain more legitimacy than armament, and the Kurdish leaders in Eastern Kurdistan (aka Iran’s Kurdistan) are familiar with that,” Temir told ARA News. The Kurdish areas in northwestern Iran are mostly mountainous and stretching along the common border with the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and Turkey for about a thousand kilometers.Reporting by: Ahmed Shwaish Source: ARA News