MESOP INTERVIEW CEMIL BAYIK – PKK IS UNBEATABLE – Turkey cannot defeat PKK in Iraqi Kurdistan, top leader Bayik says

16 Nov 2016 – QANDIL,— The head of the Communities in Kurdistan (KCK) , the political wing of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Cemil Bayik, said Turkey would face a “big loss” if it launched an operation in Iraqi Kurdistan’s Qandil Mountains, where PKK are positioned.The vice-chairman of the KCK executive council, Cemil Bayik touched upon Turkish officials’ recent statements hinting an operation on PKK bases in Iraqi Kurdistan, stressing that Turkey will not be able to defeat the PKK despite the probable supports he would receive.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said last week Turkey would not allow Sinjar to become another Qandil, adding Ankara intended to launch an offensive against the PKK in the Qandil Mountains.Bayik said during a press interview on Wednesday Turkey would face a “big loss” if it launched an operation in the Qandil Mountains, where PKK are positioned.Bayik said the PKK has become a “force of the populace,” which millions of people support.

“Not only Turkey, even if international, regional and some forces of Kurdish parties support Turkey, they cannot demolish the PKK,” Bayik said.

“If the Turkish President is determined in his speeches, let him launch an operation on Qandil so as to see what a big struggle will be carried out against them,” he added, referring to PKK fighters responding to the Turkish army. Bayik said “Erdogan cannot ever eradicate the PKK, he is not strong enough to do that, even if he uses all the means of the state and receives support from some international and regional forces, and even from some Kurds. PKK is a movement that has become millions today. It is not made up of a small cadre alone, nor just a small guerrilla movement. PKK has gained a place in the heart and mind of Kurdish people, democrats, patriots and socialists. PKK is the hope of the oppressed, of all the oppressed outside of Turkey as well.”