MESOP : Instability and disagreement in Kurdish Region / PKK & others

 Massoud Barzani warns about Kurdish civil war

17 Apr 2015 – The President of Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani said there are some lines and groups that are seeking to misuse the freedom of expression in the Kurdish region in northern Iraq and reignite civil war in the region. In a letter to the region’s parliament, government, judiciary system, political parties and people, Barzani said there is a new kind of animosity against people in the region and stressed some remarks and comments as well as some writings are to reignite civil war in the region. “This is not freedom of speech, but betrayal to people, land, and executing Kurdistan enemies’ plots and policies. These kinds of remarks should not be allowed in the region and this is a big danger that is threatening our national security,” the statement said. He ultimately asked parliament, government and the judiciary system to take necessary measures and fight against the “dangerous process and warmongering and plot-making lines.”