MESOP INSIGHT SYRIA : Rebels bomb regime & Iranian officers meeting in Aleppo

23 March 2015 – MESOP NEWS – A Free Syrian Army [FSA]-affiliated artillery brigade reportedly killed several Iranian and regime officers meeting near the Aleppo State Security Branch in the city on Sunday, eliminating a number of men leading the regime campaign to encircle Aleppo, reported pro-opposition Halab News. It is unclear how the FSA brigade killed the officers, although pro-opposition sites say that an explosion took place during the meeting.

Ambulances rushed the wounded to the nearby Aleppo University Hospital in central Aleppo, also delivering more than 15 dead–three of whom were reportedly Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers–according to the UAE-based satellite channel Al-Aan. The bombing had reportedly been planned for more than three months. Pro-regime Al-Ahed News wrote the losses are only material. Regime forces have attempted to encircle Aleppo city for the past six months, repeatedly threatening to cut off the last rebel supply line into Syria’s largest city.