MESOP INSIGHT : ISIS reportedly attacked U.S. base in northern Syria / NEW !


By Zen Adra – 14/08/2016 – Almasdar News –  A group of Islamic State fighters allegedly broke into a U.S. military base in northern Syria last Wednesday, killing and wounding dozens of American military personnel as well as Kurdish fighters.

According to the terror group’s official account on social media, Aamaq Agency, 7 suicide bombers (Inghimasi fighters) managed to break through a residential area near Al-Farouk Dam (located to the east of Aleppo) which serves as a military outpost for the U.S. military and contains the operation room for Manbij offensive.At first, three of the bombers blew up their explosive vests amid grouping of the Kurdish fighters guarding the base, while the other four holed up inside the buildings. “Fierce clashes then ensued whereby the four jihadists killed and injured at least 41 of American soldiers and Kurdish militiamen”, Aamaq reported. the four ISIS militants were eventually killed. The U.S. is leading a predominantly-Kurdish led forces to oust ISIS terror group from the northern Syrian city of Manbij.