MESOP INSIDER : Russia deploys jets at Iranian Airbase to combat insurgents in Syria (Pictures

Al-Masdar News has obtained exclusive photos of Russian warplanes being deployed to the Hamedan Air Base in western Iran.

Currently, the strategic TU-22M3 bombers take flight from southern Russia at Modzok airfield; however, this newly signed military agreement with Iran will allow Russia to reduce flight time by 60%, saving the Kremlin both money and improving airstrike effectiveness.

The distance of these flights equal roughly 2,150km to reach a target near Palmyra. From Hamedan Air Base in Iran the distance to reach a target near Palmyra equals roughly 900km.

The Khmeimim Airbase in Latakia province – which Russia was granted access to in late 2015 – is not suitable for the massive TU-22M3, the largest bomber jet in the world.

The Russian military is yet to announce how many TU-22M3 will be operating from the Iranian airbase.

This developement indicates significantly improved relations between Iran and Russia, two priceless allies for the Syrian Government. Moments ago, Russia also requested Iraq and Iran airspace allowance to transport cruise missiles into Syria.