Co-Governor of Kurds Autonomous Region directs words to al-Assad as President

2016-10-02 15:29:48 – (Zaman al-Wasl) Hamdi Daham al-Jarba, the co-governor of the self-administrated Kurdish al-Jazira canton, directed a speech to the head of the Bashar al-Assad regime to deny the Kurdish administration’s intention to secede, and considering the invitation to bring down the regime an invitation to enter into a state of destructive political vacuum. Al-Jarba is the most prominent ally of the Democratic Union Party within the self-administration. He spoke prior to the launch of the Rmeilan Forum in al-Hasakah’s countryside directing his words to al-Assad, “come see what the sons of the self-administration have done, how they provided it with stability, freedom and equality,” adding that, “the thing they are scared of that the Kurds want a state, this is what enemies are saying not us.”

Al-Jarba, the founder of the al-Sindid militia (formerly Jaish al-Karama), said, “Kurds are Syrian citizens defending their homes, and we share these homes with the Syriacs, Arabs and Kurds, and we achieved what no one has achieved in Syria, and if you are calling for national reconciliation and security in Syria then let the autonomous administration be its door.”

Al-Jarba is famous for his saying “who governs Damascus governs al-Hasakah,” started his talk saying, “allow me to speak for myself and for you, to direct my words to president Bashar al-Assad, and direct my words to the opposition, the security vacuum destroyed us, and those calling us for a security vacuum want to bury us,” in an indication to those demanding al-Assad steps down from power. A source, who preferred to not disclose his name, attended the 2-day forum (Friday and Saturday) in the city of Rmeilan after receiving an invitation on the basis a group of political forces are holding a series of cultural activities with lectures on federalism and democracy. The source emphasized that they are did not attend based on a particular proposal as nothing is built on this conversation, and no decisions will be made about federalism as the forum is just a promotion for federalism.

On September 19, the organizing committee of the project Federal Rojava (north Syria) in cooperation with the Syrian Democratic Council, started a population consensus to count the number of people living in the areas under their control as they insist on announcing federalism in these areas. The consensus has been undertaken in northern part of al-Hasakah and preparations are underway to conduct it in the al-Hasakah central area.

On 16 and 17 March, the Kurdish self-administration and its allies, announced the democratic union system in north Syria during an extensive meeting held in the city of Rmeilan during which they elected the co-governor for the foundational council and organization body formed of 31 members, the foundational council then assigned the organizational body the task of preparing a social contract and a comprehensive political legal vision of this system.

It must be indicated that since 2014, the Democratic Union Party announced the establishment of the self-administration with its own security and military apparatuses, its own courts, and institutions similar to government institutions in three cantons Afrin, Ayn al-Arab, al-Jazira (northern al-Hasakah), which have for the most part not been targeted by the regime airplanes and its military helicopters.