MESOP INSIDE : IS to al-Hasakah youth: ‘Repent’ / Click bottom link for watching document

An announcement attributed to the Islamic State (IS) began circulating on social media Monday warning residents of the northeastern city of al-Hasakah of an upcoming attack, and calling on young men to report to IS headquarters to “repent.”

IS began its attempt to wrest the city from joint regime-Kurdish (PYD) control more than a week ago, firing mortars at markets and residential areas, Islam al-Khafji, an independent media activist, told Syria Direct Wednesday. In response, regime and PYD forces began bombing IS positions from the nearby Jabal al-Kawkab. These developments come on the heels of IS’s seizure of the Fawj al-Milbiya regime military base on July 28th, which falls 10km to the south of al-Hasakah city. IS fighters seized a large weapons cache present in the base.