MESOP : HOW TO COOPERATE WITH BAGHDAD ? Iraqi Government: We Can’t Free Sunni Areas from IS Militants

27.08.2014 – Diyar Aziz – BasNews, Erbil – The Shiite National Alliance has refused a request made by Iraqi political parties regarding the freeing of Sunni populated areas currently controlled by Islamic State (IS) militants.

After a number of Sunni populated cities in Iraq fell to the Islamic State, including Mosul, the second biggest city of Iraq, primarily Sunni Iraqi political parties put a pre-condition to the new government of Iraq insuring the liberation of captured Sunni areas. However, the Shiite National Coalition that includes Shiite political parties, as well as the new PM of the Iraqi federal government,  have refused to make such promise. The head of the Islamic Dawa Party Ali Alaq rejected the rumors saying that there have been efforts to free those areas without the help of government official security forces and said: “the general plan of the new government of Iraq that Haidar Abadi leads is to gather weapons only in the hands of the government.”