MOSULEYE 31-7-2014 – This blog was set up to communicate what’s happening in Mosul to the rest of the world,

minute by minute from an independent historian inside Mosul. The latest, very important and hopeful updates from Mosul

Mosul’s news for yesterday and today, and the most prominent security and social updates:I’ll start with the most important news that happened in Mosul, which is the killing of 5 ISIS members yesterday. 4 of them in Sumer neighbourhood, specifically in an area known as (112) by a group of people who split from ISIS following committing crimes of bombing Prophets’’ and Imams’ shrines in Mosul. This incident has been silenced by the media, but ISIS announced it secretly.

I managed to know from a special source that the killing operation occurred due to a car accident by the car of the killed four; however, what happened was that ISIS surrounded the site of accident in area 112 and tried to arrest the fissure group but they managed to escape. As for the fifth ISIS member killed, he was killed by a sniper in Al-Bakir neighbourhood, north eastern Mosul.

This operation lead to ISIS dismissing 70 of its members and explained the reason to be that they are not competent to carry weapon and majority of them are new volunteers who joined during the first days of volunteering. However, what I managed to know, and from my special source too, that dismissal of members happened as a result of the assassination operations which killed 5 of ISIS.

Another ISIS member was stabbed by a knife in Al-Zinjeeli area, western Mosul. The incident was because an old man cursed one of ISIS members following bombing Prophets’ shrines, then the ISIS militiaman beat up the old man and slapped him on his face and carried a stick to hit him with, but one of the youth attacked him quickly, stabbed him with a knife and ran away.

Interestingly, ISIS had not taken any clear moves yet towards these actions, but the big alert within its lines is very clear. These started checkpoints in the streets. In return, all ISIS troops withdrew from Al-Farooq area, which has the oldest monument in Mosul “Al-Haddbaa [Humpback] Minaret” and “Al-Neqshebendi Way Men Army” battalions spread in the area instead. Today, I saw many militiamen, who don’t belong to ISIS, surrounding Al-Haddbaa Minaret and The Great Al-Nouri mosque, and they shut off the road which goes to it.

Also, ISIS arrested 12 members of “Al-Rodha Al-Muhammediyah” in Al-Muthana neighbourhood, eastern Mosul, following their rejection to ISIS bombing the mosque. ISIS claims that this mosque has a grave of one Mosuli who was assassinated by Al-Qaeda years ago, and he is Sheikh Faidhi Al-Faidhi. As a result, the people decided to close the mosque and prohibit prayers inside it in order to keep it and look after it.

In addition, I knew that a Christian family was forced to become Muslim following ISIS’ last operation against Christians.

As for the last news, following ISIS attempt to bomb “Prophet Zarzis’ mosque”, the people of the area organized a demonstration to stop them from bombing it as It lines wall-to-wall with extremely old houses which are dated back to 5 centuries ago. As a result, ISIS stopped and did not bomb it and told the people that they will only close it instead. However, the people were surprised two hours later when cranes reached the site and destroyed the entire mosque except the Minaret and its front wall. I managed to video a little bit of the site during the destruction (

Now, after all the destruction operations of Imams’ and Prophets’ shrines in Mosul, many people started talking about the necessity of taking a stand against ISIS to stop them. However, the unarmed citizens are scared of what ISIS could do to them, and many have told me that they need foreign support from forces who are capable of defeating ISIS in order for them to initiate a movement anti ISIS and hit ISIS in every area of Mosul. An old man told me that he is ready to carry weapon to resist ISIS, but he won’t move as long as there isn’t any direct militarily support which contributes to protecting the city in case they declare war against ISIS. Many whom I met have told me that they are waiting for a quick and urgent US movement to liberate the city from ISIS.

I have also managed to know from trustworthy source that there is planning and co-ordination operations happening in Mosul in order to attack ISIS very soon, and that many officers from the ex-Iraqi army and from the civilians are working on co-operating and organizing their efforts in order to fight ISIS, making use of the people’s anger from ISIS and their criminal movements against the civilization and heritage of the city.