Shaways , Zebari & Hakim agree on forming a government of national partnership

8.7.2014 – Shafaq News / Deputy Prime Minister , Rose Nuri Shaways, Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari discussed with the head of the Islamic Supreme Council , Ammar al-Hakimthe issue of choosing the candidates of the three presidencies, and the necessity of forming a government of national partnership involving all components in the country.

  According to a statement issued by Shaways Office received by “Shafaq News”, “ the latter received al-Hakim and the leaders of the Islamic Supreme Council.

The statement added that during the meeting, which was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs , Hoshyar Zebari has been discussed the second session scheduled for the third session of Parliament within the political atmosphere and the provision that allows functioning of the constitutional steps for the selection of candidates for the three presidencies.

The statement added that it was agreed on the need to form a broad national partnership to solve the current crisis, preceded by convergences in views and work to solve the current security situation.National coalition the biggest bloc, which represents the Shiite component failed in naming its candidate for the prime minister of the new government, as the union of national forces was not able to name its candidate for the presidency of the parliament, while the Kurds are still waiting for the announcement of candidates in order to take the initiative in providing its candidate for the presidency.

Kurdish and Sunni blocs Insists not to submit their candidates for the position of the presidency and the parliament only after the National coalition announce its candidate for prime minister.

The Iraqi parliament held its first meeting last Tuesday under the chairmanship of Deputy , Mehdi al-Hafeth as most of the MPs have taken their constitutional oath to delay the session to the eighth of the current week after the withdrawal of the Kurdish and Sunni blocs to fail in nominating the President of the parliament and his two deputies.The leader of Motahedoun coalition , Osama al-Nujaifi has announced last Thursday, the withdrawal of his candidacy for the presidency of the parliament in Iraq, pointing to changes in key positions in the country. But outgoing Prime Minister , Nuri al-Maliki had announced last Friday that he will “never” give up his office, defying critics who are demanding hom to leave the office as the country faces an existential threat by “ISIL” gunmen.